Okay…so I’m reading on the Tocobaga Tribe of Tampa Bay….and this is what I read:

The Tocobaga villages were socially structured with a chief, nobles who met with the chief every morning at the temple for a sip of Black Drink and a few puffs on the old pipe, commoners who fished and crabbed and doubled as warriors, and slaves (captured Calusa warriors.) But they also had a special class the Europeans called Berdache. These hermaphrodite men sliced off their sexual organs, strapped on mini skirts of moss, and wore their hair down their backs like women. They did menial labor such as tending the sick, carting the wounded off the battlefield, and performing sexual favors to worthy warriors. They also assisted the shaman in the preparation of dead bodies

Have I ever told you guys how fascinated I am by Florida’s tribes?

they’re cray cray.

in a good way.